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This site was created in honor of my mom who lost the fight with breast cancer in December of 2007. The Pink Ribbon Crusade is dedicated to spreading awareness, supporting research, and connecting those currently battling breast cancer with the resources they need, in the hope that one day, breast cancer will be fully eradicated.Photobucket Photobucket
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Monday, September 21, 2009

Breast Cancer Merchandise

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Did you know that there are almost endless possibilities when it comes to breast cancer merchandise? You just have to pick your purpose and go from there.

I have breast cancer and I need clothes and accessories that work for me

There are many places that you can find quality clothes for your changing body. Whether you've had a mastectomy or not, you're body is likely to change. You may lose your hair. You might have a port or a picc line that your current clothes just don't accommodate. Confident Clothing Company has a shirt that has removable pockets inside made for the tubes and lines that you will have post-mastectomy. The Women's Personal Health Resource has many products for those with cancer, from mastectomy bras to headwear. Moonlight Pillows has a unique moon-shaped pillow that provides comfort in a variety of uses.

I want to support cancer research

There are literally thousands of items out there pasted with a pink ribbon just waiting to be bought. Typically, a portion of the proceeds from the purchase of these items is donated toward breast cancer research or toward services for people who can not afford certain things like mammograms, wigs, or even medicine. But before you dish out your hard earned cash, check out Think Before You Pink. They have some really great advice to make sure that your money really is going where it's supposed to be.

Here are some places where the money spent on your purchase actually goes toward good:
Shopping for breast cancer merchandise can be overwhelming, especially when you really want your contribution to get into the right hands, but with just a little bit of browsing (and asking the right questions) it can actually be pretty easy. And if you are the one who has been diagnosed with cancer, you definitely don't need anything else making your life more difficult.

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